Parkhotel Igls

Spa Details


Located just south of Innsbruck with breath-taking views of the Tyrolean Alps, Parkhotel Igls is more than just a medical spa. It’s the start of your whole new way of life. A leading pioneer of Modern Mayr Medicine, it offers the latest evolution of the classic FX Mayr cure, taking its basic tenet that the way to good health is through your intestines to new plateaus. Guests begin with an initial examination and integrated health check. The medical team works with experts from the Innsbruck University Clinic, offering comprehensive screenings and state of the art diagnostics. You’ll receive a personal treatment plan that includes a diet and exercise regime, along with recommended services to support you as you release old habits and replace them with healthier ones. Mindful eating is the order of the day here. Meals are light, but tasty. You may feel worn out initially as you swear off the sugar and caffeine, but take heart – you WILL feel better and revitalised in no time at all.


Accommodation and Other Facilities


The rooms at Parkhotel Igls are light and modern, all with lovely alpine views. There are guided walks, group exercise sessions, anti-stress coaching, lifestyle management counsel, nutrition lessons and cooking demonstrations.


Additional Information


The spa features an indoor pool with hydrotherapy jets, saunas, steam room, and relaxation areas to release the your built-up tensions. If your body is in serious need of a reboot, Parkhotel Ingls promises take your health and wellbeing to a whole new level.

At a Glance


All rooms have balconies and views of the Tyrolean Alps

  • 51 single rooms
  • double rooms
  • junior suites
  • suites

The Grounds:

  • An extensive natural park with both young and mature trees
  • a herb garden
  • a Kneipp foot massage circuit


  • Spa
  • Top floor panoramic gym
  • fitness studio with outdoor decking and park access
  • 15 x 6m indoor swimming pool with hydrotherapy jets
  • Finnish, textile and bio saunas
  • steam room
  • infrared cabin
  • meditation and relaxation rooms
  • library and reading rooms
  • three golf courses nearby
  • 120sqm beauty salon