Introducing the Beauty Doctor

Introducing the Beauty Doctor

Aesthetic Enhancement – The Golden Rule

Aesthetic Enhancement is a constantly expanding field of medicine that promises extended youth, restored beauty and recharged vitality.  It is sizzling with life, interest and innovation. The excitement and momentum behind this new field may be enough to move mountains and shift boundaries, but still demands that we don’t get swept away with the current and ignore the presence of the Dark Side.   Aesthetics is plagued by its fair share of dark sides.  Its overwhelming appeal to the masses makes beauty enhancements attractive to unscrupulous individuals.  Hype, uncer­tainty, exaggeration, unreasonable expectations and deceit are some factors that may steer us from our course, however…

Know the outcome you desire. Understand you goal. This is the golden rule.

Being cau­tious is not only understandable – it is critical, for both avoiding harm and for achieving the results you seek.  True success in seeking personal enhancement depends on many variables; the competence and skill of the operator, the quality of the equipment and products that are used, not to mention the compliance of the patient with the advice and treatment prescribed!  Most of these factors can be compensated for to some extent, but there is one that is imperative…

Matching you and your problem to the best solution – that is where the gold is buried.

Choosing the best treatment for you, in other words, is far more significant than all other factors combined. Neglect­ing this in favour of the procedure de jour, the clinic’s latest acquisition, the operator’s latest training, the marvellous procedure your friend had the other day or any other treatment-based motivation may be responsible for 80% of all failures experienced.  

That said, finding the best match is not nearly as simple as one would hope.  What would seem to be a straightforward desire is in fact a rather complicated series of actions and decisions.

Identifying every important component and having the insight to find the most advantageous combinations and compromises that will work for you is your aim AND your responsibility.  Read.  Discuss.  Research.  Don’t take someone else’s word.  Look with your own eyes.  Be thorough.  Use precisely the same sort of laser-sharp skills that you will expect to find in good practitioners of the art.  Which idea brings us to the extension of our golden rule…

Don’t choose the treatment. Choose the provider.

Reputable and caring providers will always have your best interests at heart. Being in a position to have far greater in­sight into the detailed mechanics of procedures, equipment and products, as well as the inner details of anatomy and physiology, they are ideally orientated to help guide even the most difficult of decisions.

Find someone that you can trust, be perfectly honest with them about your goals and desires.  Trust is paramount.  Feel that and you are sure to be more than satisfied with the outcome.

And stay well informed! That should go without saying and is precisely what I hope to help you with as the Beauty Doctor on Remember that time spent finding the most suitable provider will pay much greater dividends than time spent trying to pick the best solution from the myriad of available alternatives.  Know the alternatives too, though! Know as much as you can about them so that you are equipped to ask the questions that will tell the reputable from the quack when you have your consultation. Understand your problem as well as you might and if possible, form some idea of the outcomes you may reasonably expect.

If it all seems a bit too much, don’t despair!  The advancements that are available to you grow exponentially with each passing year.   It’s no wonder you have a million questions!  With a little luck, we can address some of your most pressing issues right here! 

So join us month to month as we examine new and existing beauty treatments, enhancements and scientific advances that have the potential to reach out and change your life.

Dr G…

About Dr G.:
Dr Gerrit Velthuysen lives in Canada with his wife and two children and is a specialist in Aesthetic Enhancement.


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